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I want to thank those who supported me and helped in some way in achieving this work. I also greet all the work done by the hattrick community... a work of ants and in the end a work of titan.

I'd like to adress two special greetings : one to Kniff that worked a lot about youth on global (english) hattrick forum, and one to french community.

Thanks to all

International contributors

  • the list is opened, I wait on you to fill it :D

Some french contributors and beta-testers

  • Paros59 (2349092), one of our old NT coach that did a lot of writing and helped me a lot
  • homer06 (298561)
  • Chromado (589627)
  • Pauyaude (586046) who helped me a lot at site start
  • Faone (590067)
  • owipl007 (917360) our beloved national team coach that gave us our 1rst international medal with U20, and contributed on this site too at the same time
  • TeeJBoy (295407)
  • Mod-arhiman (648463)
  • swissbreiz (295122)
  • yjullien (966946)

For the forgotten people

I will surely forget some people and I apologize but they will recognize themselves as full members of this list for sure. Thanks to them too.

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