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Welcome on this ultra-condensed guide.

Concerned readers

This guide is especially designed for hattrick beginners that have no patience to read widely.

To those who potentially have the patience

I warn you not to only follow this guide to initiate your first actions in the game. It's preferable for you reading the complete guide for beginner that will really help you to anderstand the game and build your strategy intelligently. Invest a little more time at the beginning is usually saving a lot of time and efficiency then. Taking two weeks to study the game before doing anything isn't a waste of time, on the contrary it would surely show huge benefits in the long run.

The results of a good strategy is measured after 2 or 3 seasons, ie 6 to 9 real months. After this time these 2 weeks will not weigh heavily... especially if you extend your play for several years ultimately.

Think about it. If you extend your reading, take this as an indication for a first discovery and goe on with the reading of the more complete guide.

For the impatient

I warn you. I would say that the risks finding you later on assistance conferences is great. Even if you avoid early bankruptcy (that would be good point to take at least), we'll surely pick you in the future with a sullen team now asking why the hell it does not work as you were hoping. For it to be otherwise it will take time at one time or another. You are warned.

So let's go on, we'll try to limit damage as we can and try to still make you have fun, wich is ultimatly the value of the game :)

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