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First welcome on this short guide :)

Targeted readers

This mini-guide is for those who want to explore briefly the main points of the academy, quickly trace the ins and outs, and learn superficially how to handle it.

This guide is suitable for those who discover completely and that don't necessarily have a big experience in hattrick.

Scope of this guide

This guide is very concise and won't deepen any concept but will give you the ideas generally recommended for beginners. It is by definition subjective and you are absolutely free to join or not, to adapt it to your desire or your case etc.

The important thing is enjoying the game, so keep this in mind. The site is here to help you avoid the traps set up, and help you extracting the most pleasure of the game.

The beginning of a progression

This guide is in fact first in a series of volumes that will accompany you in your learning. The site is designed for allowing you assimilation of concepts from beginner to expert level while making it more palatable.

To go much further you can read the second advanced guide that dissects every aspect of the youth academy. Its full reading is quite reserved for involved person but you can go and pick useful information as you progress. So you will have the choice between the novel option and progressive research one :)


As always I invite you to read or reread the adequate chapter of the rules on hattrick. Of course it is always best to know them or at least to have a good genral idea about them :

No more talking

Let's go on !

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