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Hattrick presentation

Hattrick in short

Hattrick is an online game of soccer management massively multiplayer and totally free.

It is a rich game, offering a quite simple to use interface and based on an enormous international community for over 10 years.

After registration you'll get and lead a football team starting in the lower divisions of your own country. Then through hard work and patience you can hope reaching the highest peaks of the competition while facing other users like you.

You can face other competitions like your national cup or for rare elected people : the hattrick masters, a kind of world championship opposing DI champions and winners of national cups from all countries.

A rich and simple game

Beginning with a team of modest quality you'll handle step by step your players recruitment, technical staff, training, matches and tactical orders. Depending your sports results your fanclub will grown gradually and you'll have to enlarge your arena. Care should be taken to manage your accounts.

Given the number of users the transfer market is simply enormous. You will be spoiled for choice.

Everything is handled by a simple and fairly intuitive interface. The number of parameters is not as insane as in some ersatz and yet you have a large enough strategic depth in the game.

A large international community

The number of users around the world is just awesome and fluctuates between 800,000 and 1,000,000. Around fifty to a hundred nations have their own championship. The game is translated into many languages, the most common to local dialects. Lovers of their region and their roots will be satiated. All the world is playing hattrick ! Even if Europa counts maybe the more users there are lots of players from south America, Asia, Africa, Oceania. There is an equal place for everyone in hattrick and that's really a great thing in my opinion.

This community is very active. Conferences and federations (kinds of hattrick forums) are numerous and very lively. The community is also very structured, there are forums dedicated to beginners support where you'll allways find someone to answer all your questions if you are courteous :)

Entirely free

The game is completely free. Without ever paying anything you can enjoy the full functionality needed to play. If you wish, you can become ht-supporter by paying a small stipend (about 7.5 € per quarter or 20 € per year) and enjoy a few more small functions used to decorate the graphical page of your club, interact more easily with your friends of this great community, or more easily monitor your bids.

I remind you : if you want to play totally free you will not be harmed in the game under any circumstances and the competition will be perfectly fair between you and the ht-supporters. You'll simply have a small publicity banner at the top of the page which is not obtrusive and cannot be clicked inadvertently. Hattrick site is not a "traitor". I urge my word on this point and you will see that I am not lying.

My opinion

Whether you're a quite lax casual player or furious one this game is for you and you will enjoy. Once you'he learned how to handle your team, you can not spend your life while managing your business more than properly... matter of choice and personal discipline.

As we say in France : try it is adopting it, so go for it and register to join us in the ranks of the international Hattrick community :)

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