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This site is dedicated to reference everything that can be useful for an hattrick manager... in particular the guide for the youth academy but not only.

I hope I'll get many returns of your part in order to make the site living and getting better for the good of community... because Hattrick is a community game and that's the spirit of this site.

I wish you good navigation.

Manage your club like a Pro

Guides to help you manage your club the best are being developed. They should be published soon.

Web-links of good manager

You can find here studies by the community, tools and access to places of life of the community such as forums. These links are reviewed and assessed to provide an objective indication of their quality and help you make the best use of them.

Here are some examples :


The english version just opened !

The site comes with a first guidebook : the compact beginner guide and its first launch of usefull web links (...)

We published an initiation guidebook about youth academy (...)

Read more about news.

Youth and academy

Effectively manage the academy is a difficult task, here you have all the resources necessary for your purposes.

Your papers

This section includes articles submitted by the community. They may relate to the club, the Academy, or other kinds of subjects.

I will study carefully each publication request.


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