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Economical helps

Players wages


Here is a very practical study to anticipate the wages of your players. It lets you making better economic and sports choices (recruitment among others) as you will be correctly informed with it ;)

Indirectly it may help you to estimate the level of some players.

Cost of coach internal recruitment


Here is a very handy tool for calculating the benefits of internal recruitment of a coach.

Optimization of Spokes/Sponsors


Here is a useful tool to calculate your optimal number of spokes from a purely economic point of view. Warning, it is solely based on the cash directly related to sponsors and no other parameter. So it isn't an absolute magic answer to what is the best number to put,... but it isn't really bad either

You can have fun watching how much you will potentially gain with more fans in the future, etc.

Growth of fan number


Here is a tool for estimating number of fans you'll win/loss next update (of the two ones of the week).

In the left table put the mouse over the square crossing your division level and your fan number. Click on this square. An other table on the right will give you the waited number in function of you fan mood level.

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