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Heal your injured players efficiently

Everyone fears these bloody injuries, they always put you in bad shape at the wrong time. It's possible to have a financial gain and/or about healing necessary time (for the sports side and/or training) by putting the right number of doctors with good tools.

All these tools give you an estimate to pass from the wounded state (red cross 1 week or more, unable) to the state of slight injury (bandage, can play) and complete recovery (return to normal with the player having 100% of its resources back)

Here is my selection.

Hattrix-ray : healing


Here is the classical hatrix-ray healing. Simple and effective for common situations. It gives you an estimated range for healing time from : the player's age, the number of doctors used, and the number of weeks specified near teh red cross on hattrick. If needed, you can choose one of many langages in the combo box on top left of the page, and then reload the page.

My rating : very good for classic use and have an estimate from the moment of injury

Hattrix-ray : healing TSI


The other classic of hatrix-ray: healing TSI is more accurate than his little brother "healing". It takes as input the player TSI before the injury (the same before the match and after it until there was no healing update done cf. your national page on hattrick to know when these update take place) and player's TSI after the first update done.

The type of result is no more a range, but an accurate estimate of whether the exact injury level (with decimals) or the time needed for recovery.

My rating : excellent for classic use, a sure bet.

Advanced Injury Calculator


It is a very complete tool to treat your injuries. It offers all the interesting calculations : number of doctors needed to obtain a cure in a specified number of updates, enter your desired number of doctors and see the number of updates, evaluation from the ht's number of weeks of injury or the variation of TSI after the 1rst update etc.

My rating : very favorable, especially for insiders. The most complete of the selection.

Hattrick Nippon Basic


It's an healing tool of most normal.

My rating : very good at first (must be worth "hatrix-ray healing")

Hattrick Nippon Advanced


It is a tool that presents the singularity of following your player's wound evolution over many updates with TSI basis

My rating : not convinced.

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