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Evaluation tools for player exact skill level



The original site of psicoTSI that broadcasts this tool as a plugin for firefox I strongly recommend. It allows to estimate the exact level of the highest skill of your field players when you go to their page on hattrick. You have to take a care because estimates are biased or have a large error for the injured players in bad form, or having several characteristics at the same level (if it is the highest). However even in these cases we can get valuable information with a little analysis.


I will detail use later with a small tutorial.


It seems there was a problem with firefox 3 for the version distributed on this site. If so try this version. If by misfortune this does not work contact me and let me know it.

For installing a firefox plug-in : it is done automatically by downloading the extension, or you can download the ".xpi" file somewhere on your computer and you only have to drag and drop it on a firefox window. Firefox is a secure software, you must authorize the installation.

Htdaytrading SkillRaise


Here are two great online tools, one for estimating exact skill level of your players from their TSI, the other specifically dedicated for young promoted players operating with their amount of wages. Simply fill out the necessary information to get an estimate. This site offers other tools like Firefox extensions.

My rating : very good site.

Hattrix-ray : keepers-up


This online tool to estimate the exact level of your goalkeepers is the best in my opinion. Just give your player TSI and its level of form and it gives you a range of estimation of his keeper skill.

My rating : the reference

Kawasaki keeper

Hottrick keeper

Arenabooster keeper

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