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Make/get your team Logo

Logo designers hattrick (LDH)


Logo designers hattrick is a nice site of artists that will create you beautiful logos for the front page of your club. The average quality is very high.



Ht-designer seems to be a site offering you free tools to make your logo by yourself.

Author description

Ht designer is a completely free tool for hattrick users. We want you to have the perfect logo for your team, so we have decided to give you all the necessary tools for you to become a logo designer!

What you simply need to do is to go to HT designer gallery. Lots of free logos are waiting for you. Downloading, saving to your computer... everything is allowed.

So, have a look. May be its time to change your logo.


Author description

HT-Logo is a logo site for logo orderers, designers and federations. We offer free logo hosting services and ways to easily manage and receive logo orders!

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