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Management assistant softwares

These management assistant softwares are very helpful. They allow you to retrieve a lot of information about your team with only your hattrick security code (attention not your password). If that's not already done specify it in your preferences in your "My Hattrick" menu. With this information set they can give you a large quantity of useful estimations, statistics, or simply the state of your team in a few moments. Much will depend on your use. They are quite intuitive in general.

Hattrick Organizer


How can we not begin by the free reference Hattrick Organizer more known as HO. Complete as possible you can do with almost everything : estimation of the level of your players with the monitoring of training, evaluation of the performance level of your players, an estimate of your sectors notes depending on the composition chosen, predicting your chances of victory against your opponent, statistics of all kinds and so on.


Download HO here, All you need is installing JAVA on your computer (very easy) before you can use it. It runs on apple MAC too (singular version and no need to install JAVA that runs on MAC by default). It should work on linux/Unix too.


HAM Hattrick Assistant Manager



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