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Various statistics



hattristics is a site filled with plenty of various statistics about hattrick especially about game engine and chance of its possible events : special events (SE), corners, etc. However there are many other kinds of informations treated.

Huge expert work has been done, it's very informative but not always easy to use : it is necessary to understand how the tables work (but very feasible).

My rating : a Must.

Alltid Hattrick


Alltid site show a lot of various statistics about hattrick. On the menu : it will allow you to monitor performance of your opponents, see all public information about your league, injuries, team with the most cards, anticipate promotion/relegation in right time, see players evolution historics (useful to know what you buy for a potential transfer), etc... And many many other things.

It will be integrated directly into hattrick in the coming months.

My rating : excellent site.

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